Key stage design reviews

Structured reviews that interrogate a design are hugely beneficial, particularly for less experienced project teams. These reviews analyse each and every aspect of the design and the construction. Key characteristics:

• They are not simply ‘compliance reviews’ – they dig into the details and examine the buildability, sequencing and construction programme.

• Their purpose is to identify and expose risks that could impact upon project delivery.

• They allow the project team the opportunity to formulate strategies that resolve the risks in an open and collaborative fashion.


Good practice example:

PHPP calculations suggested that the design had the potential to satisfy the Passivhaus Standard. The challenge lay in the actual implementation of the delivery process.

A series of Key Stage Design Reviews, training of the dedicated, on site Quality Assurance Champion, tool box talks and site inspections and Feedback underpinned the successful completion of the Certified Passivhaus homes at St. Mary’s, Oldham. The result of these processes resulted in buildable details and simplified construction processes.

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