Set everything up to be working on ‘move in’ day. This allows occupiers to concentrate on the actual move, without having the added complication of learning new controls and techniques on the day. The ‘quick start’ guide should form a part of the general documentation which should be handed over on move in day.

Arrange a familiarisation session for a week or two after moving in, with as many occupants as possible. Consider who should lead the session. It is important not to overwhelm or frighten the occupants with hoards of technical experts. In a relaxed atmosphere, work through the ‘quick start’ guide (perhaps using a checklist) and explain each of the main functions. Involve occupants in hands on experience, and avoid the temptation to demonstrate. Learning by ‘doing’ is far more effective and confidence building. Questions often occur after the session so provide a further point of contact.

Repeating a similar familiarisation session at the following change to winter/summer provides an opportunity to catch up with how the users have coped so far as well as to go over how users might control for cooling instead of heating, for example. 

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