Core components of a Passivhaus Project Management checklist

By failing to recognise the boundary between a certification process and the design and construction process individual projects are at risk and may encounter difficulties. In part this may be because the industry has become used to certifi cation systems that are less rigorous and have permitted this gap to go unobserved.

Listed below are the major components that are included on a Passivhaus Project Management checklist. Each component, and its constituent sub-components, should be coordinated with relevant BS EN standards. When a building is to be certified it is vital that this checklist is developed and agreed with an approved Passivhaus Certifier.

Photographic evidence of the construction should be gathered at key stages by appropriate members of the design and construction team. The Passivhaus consultant should assist with agreeing the regime for compiling evidence, on a project specific basis.

Training/toolbox talks (pre-start)

• Site storage

• Workmanship

• Activities to be undertaken

• Sequencing of activities

Insulation installation – materials and workmanship

• Walls, roof, floor, windows

• Junctions

• Services

Windtightness – materials and workmanship

• Primary wind barrier system

• Window installation

• Service penetrations

Airtightness – materials and workmanship

• Primary air barrier system

• Window installation

• Service penetrations

Services – materials and workmanship

• MVHR unit installation

• MVHR ductwork & silencers


• Pipes and plumbing

• Heat sources

• Controls

Builders’ work

• Joinery (door over/undercuts etc)

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