Case Study - Knight’s Place, Exeter

Knight’s Place is a certified social housing development of 18 one and two-bedroom apartments, designed by Gale & Snowden Architects for Exeter City Council. 

With MVHR an integral feature of all Passivhaus developments, Zehnder’s ComfoAir 200 whole house heat recovery system, was specified for each apartment.

As the heat loss in each flat is so minimal the heating requirement is met during winter extremes via a small air heater in the supply air duct just after the heat exchanger.

During warmer months ventilation is provided continuously without warm and humid air entering unnecessarily which can assist in reducing summertime overheating.

When tested at the end of a two year monitoring study, Knight’s Place apartments maintained a comfortable temperature of 21°C year round for residents, with  minimal heating required and low running costs.



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