‘Quick start’

Identify any maintenance items to be carried out by the occupier, and provide clear and simple instructions for doing so. These can be supplemented by stickers or laminated posters affixed to the equipment if helpful.

Provide a very simple ‘quick start’ guide to the various controls and techniques, checked and proof read by a non-technical person, ideally someone fluent in the occupier’s language. It should contain a short simple overview followed by a number of simple headings such as ‘what to do if my home is cold’, etc. The advice should be limited under each section to no more than a couple of paragraphs. If it needs more than that, your Passivhaus is not passive enough! Including photographs or graphics of the controls being discussed, with simple descriptions of each function, will be helpful.

Also identify who to call when faults or more complex maintenance tasks require action, and if necessary, include a script to use. Complications often arise with inexperienced call centres who may not know what a Passivhaus is or what MVHR stands for.

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